Artist K / L

Caroline Kabrin USA, Dearborn, Michigan. ABC Network News 1900-present, Senior courtroom artist: Artwork shown nationally on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, Good Morning America and Nightline.WXYZ-TV, Southfield Michigan 1980-rpresent, Senior courtroom artist for television news coverage. Detroit Free Newspaper 1980-1990, freelance use of courtroom artwork. WDIV-TV, Detroit, Michigan 1975-1980, Senior courtroom artist for television news coverage. Walt Disney Studios, Orlando Florida, Internship in Feature Animation 1994.
Marianne Kalsbeek Netherlands, Amsterdam. Born in Utrecht, resident of Amsterdam since 1978.
Decided to become an artist after finishing a Ph.D. in Mathematics. Writes and translates poetry. Personal
Michael D. Kalso USA, Jacob East Pointe Michigan.
Juan Kalvellido Spain, Fuengirola (Malaga). videos Personal web
Maria Kapteijns Netherlands, Eindhoven. Born: July 30, 1965, Eindhoven. Education: Royal Academy of Art and Design in 's-Hertogenbosch. Diploma in 1991, nominated for the Price Luca, 's-Hertogenbosch. Since 2010, working on a Master of Arts and Culture at the University of Tilburg. Personal web
Ankica Karacic Germany (Croatia), Iserlohn. Born: July 6, 1951 in Indjija Vojvodina.Nationality: Croatian. Marital status: married, 2 children. web
Rob Kars Netherlands, Weert. 1946 Born in Rotterdam. 2002 - PRESENT :W ork consists of collages of analog images, drawings (tracings) and texts edited with paint, markers, pencil and copier. Personal web
Horst Keining Germany, Düsseldorf. 1949 Born in Hattingen. 1968 High School in Bochum. 1969 Studied engineering in Bochum. 1970-76 Studied painting at the Art Academy Dusseldorf at Heerich. 1994 Scholarship in Slovenia lives and works in Dusseldorf. Personal web
Martin Kidd Australia, Nounton Crescent. Martin Kidd was born in Western Australia. He lectured in Fine Art at Claremont School of Art and Central Metropolitan College of Art and Design in Western Australia for some seventeen years, teaching painting and drawing . He was formally trained in Fine Art at Perth Technical College, Claremont School of Art and the W.A. Institute of Technology. He returned to Australia in February 2004 after living in Spain for ten years.
Fanny Kiezenberg Netherlands, Huizen. Fanny Dial Berg (1943), sculptor. She prefers to work directly in stone (waist direct), for example marble, alabaster, serpentine, French and Belgian limestone marble. In her pictures she deliberately plays on the drawing, shape and texture of the stone.
Werner Klompen Netherlands, Roermond. School of Visual Arts, Utrecht. Staatliche Art Academy, Düsseldorf.
Rainer Knaust Germany, Düsseldorf. 1947 born in Oberhausen. 60's - Training as a precision mechanic / electronics technician journeyman. 70s - Cologne / Dusseldorf: Continuing education schools. Maastricht / NL: Academy of Applied Arts, studying Plastic molding and free sculpting. 80erJahre - Dusseldorf: development of disused factories as labor and Venues. Art projects in collaboration with the cultural authorities in Dusseldorf, Wuppertal, Stuttgart and Berlin - with Chris Reinecke. 90s - conceptual engagement with everyday life, architecture, photography, piano Architecture, presentation systems and dwarfs. Personal web
Jessica Knoot Netherlands, Den Bosch. Born in Schiedam, 1962. 1984 internship with photographer Wim Noordhoek, then from 1986 Art Academy. 1991 graduated from the Royal Academy of Art and Design in Den Bosch, Department Painting, drawing and graphics. Personal web
Heinrich h. Koch Germany, Mönchengladbach. 1964-67 Training as photo engraving artist.1969-74 Studied at the Dusseldorf Art Academy with prof. Rolf Sackheim and prof. Joseph Beuys.1974 master student.Since 1989 artistic director of the Fine Arts area in the Arts Centre of the Ruhr-University Bochum.Since 1970 numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad, study and work stays in Provence, Tuscany, Liguria and Slovenia.
Truus Koopmans Netherlands, (no further information available.)
René Korten Netherlands, Tilburg. Born 1957 in Horn, Netherlands / born in Horn, The Netherlands.1975-80 Moller Institute NLO Tehatex, Tilburg.1980-82 Academy of Fine Arts, Tilburg.1995 work period / work period in Nova Zembla, 's-Hertogenbosch.1998 period of work / project work period Translacje 98 Piotrków Trybunalski (PL).1999 period of work / project work period Translacje 99 Piotrków Trybunalski (PL). 2001 period of work / project work period Thupelo Cape Town International Workshop 2001, Good Thought Centre, Malmesbury (RSA).2007 work period Guest studios / work period Guest Studios Graphic Studio Daylight - Artists Workshop Iconoclasm, Eindhoven. Personal web
Peter Kos Netherlands, Huizen. Peter Kos (1964) is a designer and design furniture, lamps, artwork and interiors, both for his own "line" as commissioned, which he thinks freely within manufacturing technical limitations. He also advises on design and composes works from found materials. He also does work using combined techniques.
Kardo Kosta Argentina (Switserland, Spain). Ricardo Costa Mule. Nationality: Argentina-Spanish. Birthplace: Morón, Province of Buenos Aires Argentina. video Virtual gallery
Norbert Kostka Germany, (Poland), Wegberg. 1960 born in Prudnik / Poland.1980-84 studied civil engineering at the Technical University Wroclaw.1984 Moved to Germany.1985-91 studied architecture at the RWTH Aachen and at the Vienna University of Technology.Since 1991, architect and artist in KöIn, freelance work in the office Thomas van den ValentynSince 1995 own architectural and art studio in KöIn.Lectures at the RWTH Aachen, TH Wroclaw, Krakow Architecture Biennale, FH Detmold, FH Mainz, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, University of Applied Sciences Trier.1996-97 Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold.2000 City Water Tower Uevekoven.2001-03 Project Manager at HPP in Dusseldorf.Since 2003 architectural firm in the water tower Uevekoven. Personal web
Ernst Kraft Spain, (Netherlands), Malaga. Born in 1952, Bloemendaal, Holland. Since 1989 studio in Malaga, Spain. His extended professional CV includes exhibitions, installations and projects in  Germany, UK, Holland, Rumania, Italia, México and Argentina. His paintings show a gestural drawing against a spacious and semitransparent background, like bringing alive the abstract drama. Kraft was coordinator president of the Din A4 project from 2008 till 2014. videos / Blog
Christel Kremser Germany, Kempen. Born 1945 in Braunschweig.Training in the photographers craft, Braunschweig. Studied photography with Professor Detlef Orlopp, Krefeld.Study of artistic photography with Prof. Arno Jansen, Cologne. freelance photographer.Lives and works in Kempen / Ndrh. Personal web
Lilian Krikhaar Netherlands, 1998 Web Design, Computerij Amsterdam. 1984 - 1989 Art Academy Minerva, Groningen. Fine Art, painting / drawing

Anja Kutzki Germany, Pocking. Born 24 9.1973, Bad Griesbach, Germany. 1996 - Master's degree at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Passau, Major: Art Education, Minors: Art History and Psychology. Since 2002: Member of Association of Fine Artist Lower Bavaria eV. 2004 - 2006 Educational museum and administrative activities at the Modern Museum of Art - Foundation Wörlen. Since 2006 worked as a Freelance painter and graphic artist. Since 2007 Member of the producers Galerie Passau. Personal web
Louk Kuys Netherlands, Helmond. In 1951, I was born in Helmond . At an early age I had been interested in art . After meeting to have some drawing rooms and printing processes ( Vlisco and Panhuizen ) I started in 1965 as an autodidact keep drawing , painting and organizing artistic projecten.Eind sixties in this illustrious youth center REVOLVER my first steps on artfully me more focused working grounds put . Early 80s came to me the need for broadening, deepening and structure about art and artists . To give this idea shape in 1984 , I took the initiative for the foundation. Channel 84" to set . Personally, I functioned herein as chairman and organizer of exposities.In 1993 I was involved in the creation of " Foundation Visual Artists Kring Helmond " where I functioned in the working group that the board selected and was responsible for drafting the statutes . The foundation 's name from it in 2000 , the Dutch Cacaofabriek here, I function as a board member until 2001.
Paffard Keating-Clay (See artist name Paffard)
Carlos Langone Argentina, Buenos Aires. Carlos Langone, was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1945. Draftsman, painter, illustrator and graphic designer. Also a teacher in different artistic fields. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in his country (Argentina) and abroad. earned numerous awards in drawing such as: 1st Rosary Hall, museum Castagnino, 1st Coca Cola in the Arts and Sciences, BA, 1st Biennial BULL V Maldonado, Uruguay, 1st and 2nd monoprint. Show Belgrano, Sivori Museum, 1st Hall of Santa Fe, Museum R. G. Rodriguez, etc.. His works are in museums around the country and in national and foreign collections.Member of the Argentina Association of Price Winners, APA of the City of Buenos Aires.
Jea Yun Lee Germany, Kassel. Born in 1977 in Seoul, South Korea, 1996-2000 Studies - Freine art and painting, Uni. Dongguk, Seoul. Degree: Bachelor of Liberal Arts / best graduate of the vintage. 2001-2003 study - painting, Uni. Dongguk, Seoul. Degree: Diploma in liberal arts. Written thesis: "Study for human figures in my paintings". 2005-2007 studied Philosophy and Art History, University. Regensburg in Germany. Without financial statements. Since 2007, studying - Free Art, Art Academy checkout. Base class of Prof. Stefan Demary. Since 2008 with Professor Jürgen Meyer. Blog
Ben Leenen Netherlands, Maastricht. Born in 1949. Painter, printmaker, assembly and mail artist since 1983 and manager of "The Elephantine Press", a one-man publishing on their own initiative poetry books (14 x 20) spends. Picassa web
Michèle Lehmann Spain, (Switzerland), Mijas, Malaga. Born in Switzerland, Michèle Lehmann has lived in Mijas nearly 30 years. She began doing pencil drawings that eventually became more complex, sometimes taking weeks to complete. Now she them produces with oil paintings based on many layers of glaze. She has won several awards in Spain and her works are exhibited in galleries worldwide. Michèle Lehmann, who is self-taught, credits Mijas and its artists by providing encouragement and resources for all that she has learned. "The artists have helped me open my eyes. I have provided a comprehensive training and lots of encouragement. ". Personal web

Lucas Leite Brasil São Paulo (Brazil). born in 1975. Graduated in Law School and Marketing, works as international sales man and photographer in many countries, f.e. Brazil, Nigeria, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia. Of all different places and cultures, most important  are People. The photographer always walks along the sales man. Images are always there, its just pay attention that the moment demands.WEB
Jeremy Lennon Great Britain (Spain), Ojén. Born in Lancashire, England, 1957. The son of a doctor, he was educated at Jesuit schools where he first began to show his artistic talent.In 1978 during a visit to Amsterdam, he felt profoundly affected by seeing the works of Vincent van Gogh. In 1980, following graduation from the University of Sheffield he went to Dublin; thinking of attending medical school there, but soon gave up studying and moved to London to frequent the museums and galleries and to study art. In May 1981 he visited Paris and then travelled to the south of France remaining there for three years and coming into contact with the sculptor César and the writer Anthony Burgess. During this time he worked at Sothebys in Monte Carlo and became linked with the Forum Art Gallery and attended the Arts Fair in Bologna. In Lucca he visited the artist Antonio Possenti. videos Personal web
Martin Lersch Germany, (France), Goch. Martin Lersch (a grandson of the working class poet Heinrich Lersch) studied from 1971 to 1973 design at the Fachhochschule Niederrhein in Krefeld and thereafter until 1976 illustration at the Folkwang School in Essen (both in Germany). Lersch now lives and is working in Goch, Germany, but also in his studio in La Flèche (France). He received several scholarships (for example, in 1980 by the German-French Youth Office, creativity and scholarship in 1986 of the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire and 2006 Tower Scholarship Funds). Lersch has lived in France for longer periods and worked alongside his main artistic work as an illustrator and in design, book production and music performance (clarinet, guitar, electronic instruments and toys). Martin Lersch leads since long art and music projects in libraries, museums, prisons, French and German schools, sometimes together with, for example, the mezzo-soprano Gesine van der Grinten in Ensemblia 2007th. From 1994 to 2007 he worked on the Journal for Literature and Graphic Middens, edited by Erik Martin.
Eva Lewarne Canada (Poland), Ontario. Born and raised in Poland and living presently in Canada a graduate of OCAD, I have always painted. In the last couple of years, I have received a Medal from France in a Painting Festival in Avignon. (Grand Prix). Not my first there. Also I have shown at the Grand Palais in Paris, before that. Photography is a second passion.Most recently I have been pre-occupied with shooting abstract photos. Besides painting, I teach art and lead Creativity and Health Workshops at Universities and private boardrooms.videos Personal web
Jorge Lindell Spain, Malaga. Born in 1930 in Malaga, Spain. Attending drawing classes at the School of Arts and Crafts in the city, (Málaga) with Don Luis Almagro Bono and teacher.
His first exhibition with two works presented at the Economic Society of the country in the contest of Education and Leisure in 1942 and won first prize in an exhibition of SEU. Travel to Madrid with the intention to enter the School of San Fernando, but due to an administrative error can not be registered, so choose get to work on small jobs as a painter of fans, restorer of porcelain and art objects several, with order to see exhibitions and contact with the world of art in Madrid. Web
Christian Lippuner Switzerland, Salenstein. 1947 born in Grabs / SG and grew up in the Principality of Liechtenstein. 1964-1969 Arts and Crafts School St.Gallen, professional-class graphics, painting with Kobi Lämmler and Alfred Kobel.1970 training in business management and marketing management at the University of St. Gallen.1971 working as a graphic designer and art director ASG with longer stays in St. Gallen, Folkestone, London, Constance, reuzlingen, Munich, Berlin, Ulm, Memmingen.1999/2000 start of free artistic work work. 2003 Initiator / editor of "Leaves from the back alley," Edition Signathur, Mishawaka. 2006 Professional Association of Fine Arts; visarte.schweiz, bvk.  Personal web
Jolande van Lith Netherlands, Den Bosch. Jolande of lith (* 1966 's-Hertogenbosch) studied photography and creative design, in 1986, she established herself as a freelance photographer. Her interest then went forward to capturing the experience of death, decay and simplicity. This resulted in successful exhibitions at home and abroad. In 1994 she retired from photography back to look for a different art form. Now she has chosen a different form of expression; abstractions in acrylic on canvas. Jolande "builds" her paintings in layers, it also makes use of various disciplines and techniques. Personal web
Dariel Llerandi Torres Cuba, Havana. Polytechnic civil construction and craftsmanship "Pablo de la Torriente Brau. Illustration Workshop "From the written to the visual metaphor metaphor", by Colombian artist Pedro Villalba, Casa de las Americas, Cuba. Currently completing the three years of the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro in the art of engraving. Web
Jos Louwes Netherlands, Den Bosch. Jos Louwes (1957) was born in Venlo and raised in Weert.
Poet and artist (training autodidactic) (After high school he worked for many years with contact disturbed children.) Since the early nineties, he lives and works in Den Bosch. In Den Bosch and in Amsterdam he has at literary festivals and openings of exhibitions to read from their own work. Since 2000 he works as an artist (drawing / painting).

Regina Lucas Gross Spain, Malaga. Born in Madrid, residing between Madrid, Cologne (Germany), and Málaga. Started her career at the age of 13 years using paper holder, with pen and ink formats of about 30 by 20 cm. After a while using this technique in black and white, enter watercolor and pastel. Attracted by the color experiments with different types of paint brush to apply them, continuing with the same tiny stroke in older formats. Spend fluorescent colors to use in support of everyday objects, pervirtiéndolos through color and presenting them with black light. In 1998 begins to incorporate into your work and add holographs halogen light. Personal web
Sesti Di Lucca Cuba, Havana. CV not available at this moment.
Lilia Luján Mexico, Mexico city. Lilia Luján (Mexico City) Visual multidisciplinary self-taught artist, with more than 150 exhibitions in different countries in America and Europe, has an extensive oeuvre that includes painting, alternative sculpture, murals, graphics, illustration, art-object, jewelry design, textiles, gifts for boutique and business, plus various pieces of art for residential, corporate, institutional and commercial decoration utility.She has published four books, "Lujan Contemporary Art" (Mexico, 2007), "Mexican Huichol Art and Mandalas" (Spain, 2008), "Aztec World" Modern designs for coloring (Spain, 2011) and "Minimal Art Lujan "artistbook (Mexico, 2011). In the process: "Lujan" special retrospective edition. videos
Alejandro Luna Cuba, Havana. CV not available at this moment.
Christians Luna Peru, Lima. Technical Designer Advertising, Research in Visual Arts. 1997 - 1998 Instituto Superior Public Design, Advertising Design. 1996 Superior Metropolitan Institute of Technology, Advertising Design. Blog
Luis Eduardo Luna Argentina, Yerba Buena, Tucumán. Place and date of birth; Yerba Buena (Tucumán) 14/02/1986. Education: Completed Secondary. Student of Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in painting, Faculty of Arts UNT.

Nelson Salazar Luna Chile (Spain), Canary Islands. Born in Maitland, Chile. From 1980 to 1987 living in La Pampa, Argentina. From 1988 to 2001 in Stockholm, Sweden. And in 2001 Agüimes. Canary Islands. Blog
Karin Luner USA, (Germany), New York. Karin Luner , born in Düsseldorf, Germany, studied under the tutelage of Professor K. H. Hödicke at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin where she received a Master of Fine Arts degree. She moved to New York City after graduation in 1983 and has been living there ever since. Personal web
Magdalena Luque Spain, Malaga. Magdalena Luque Gallego began her training in Málaga, birthplace and where she lives, supplementing it with trips to Spain and other countries. A significant number of solo exhibitions of her work in Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville, Dussseldorf, Munich, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Caracas ... testify to the consistency of a proposal that the Larousse encyclopedia defines as " Courageous, emotionally balanced, colorful and yet austere, with great power of synthesis, "a judgment that share prominent critics of Spanish art.
Hedwig Luykx Belgium, Zoutleeuw. 1959 Study on Provincial Institute of Art Schools (PHIKO), Hasselt (B). 1963 Ceramics stagebij Koramic-Pottelberg, Kortrijk (B). 1965 Persecution Email Course on 'Higher Fachakademie' Prof. Lili Schultz, Düsseldorf (D)
Jacky D. Ly Senegal, Dakar. Jacky D. Ly, born in Senegal. Established artist works in studio in Dakar, Senegal.(At present date only one work in collection)