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Keiichi Nakamura Japan, Tokyo. 1960 born in Japan (Aichi-Ken). 1978-82 Tanka (Japanese traditional Poem) zine “Stesu” publishing. 1982 Graduated from Hokkaido University
Beatriz di Nápoli Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. studied at the Provincial Institute of Fine Arts in the city of Santa Rosa (La Pampa), there obtained the degree of Master of Visual Arts Provincial. Then he perfected for 2 years and earned the title of Professor of Arts in Visual Arts.
Javier Navarta Spain, Torre delMar. Fine Arts Degree, Director of the School of Art Axarquia (Costa del Sol, Spain) He teaches art workshops both in Andalusia and Castilla la Mancha.(Spain) . Collaboration grant at the International Museum of Electrography (MIDE) in Cuenca city. (Spain). As an artist, is showing his works in exhibitions both individual and collective international howws, since 1978. He has received awards including the 1st European Prize for Painting in 1993. Founder and president of the International Group of Contemporary Art “Entopía”, registered as an association through the Andalusian.
Florence Neal USA, Brooklyn, New York. Florence Neal, printmaker, sculptor, painter, curator and graphic designer, has exhibited her work in local, national and international venues including: Hermit Symposium, Plasy, Czech Republic; L5 Kunstinitiatief, Roermond, Holland; BIS Kulturzentrum, Mönchengladbach, Germany; Hanalei Gallery, Hawaii; The North Dakota Museum of Art; National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, TN; and White Columns, New York. Florence’s current work focuses on prints, drawings and installations. Web
Rogier van Neerven Germany (Netherlands), München. 1992-1994 VTA Amsterdam, 1994-1998 St. Joost Breda.
Sunny Neeter Netherlands, Amstelveen. Sunny Neeter, born in 1953 in Hengelo, Netherlands.
Lived from 1975 to 1987 in Ibiza, Hong Kong and Manila (Philippines), places each with a very specific culture and history. Personal web
Scott Neri Mexico, Guadalajara. Born in Guadalajara (1972). Study in Fine Arts (University of Guadalajara), Film and Video Art Center Audio Visual (CAAV) and screenwriting at the Center for Western Actors and Authors (CAAO). He has illustrated several covers of books in independent publishing. It has the two books publicacisn editions moon (Rites) and Extraqas Entraqas 1997 (1998). It has taken literary courses: Blanca Estela Ruiz, Qol lesn Plascencia, Luis Ortega Fernanado. He has made ​​several CD Covers Art of Mexican gangs.Jobs in newspapers and advertising agencies Guadalajara. He is currently Director General in Conspiracisn Take you ( and Art Director in EterUltra Studio. ( His teachers in pictorial formacisn: Carlos and Enrique Larracilla Monraz. With more than 20 exhibitions, nationally and internationally. Personal

Liesbeth Oldeman Netherlands, Leerdam.
Wim Oolders Netherlands, Den Haag. born June 13, 1952, Delft. Dutch artist and qualified goldsmith. Education: Schoonhoven - 1973 – 1977. Personal web
Georg Opdenberg Germany, Krefeld. Georg Opdenberg, born in 1950 in Krefeld, Germany.1967-70 apprenticed to a land surveyor. surveying engineering degree in food. 1972-75 studied engineering in surveying food. 1979-81 School of Art in W. Zaiser 1987 Prize of the city of Krefeld to design a memorial foreign workers since 1989 Objects based on astronomical and geodetic instruments and marking of the first reconstructing 999 Lives Krefeld's city walls with iron plates in the pavement of the 2000 Award Rhineland Taler and worked as a surveyor in Krefeld. Personal web
Robert Orihuela Peru, Lima. Born in 1977, Lima, Peru. Graduated from the specialty of Painting Superior National School of Fine Arts of Peru (1999 - 2005) (First Place: Gold Medal) Artistic Drawing: Superior School of Fine Arts of Peru (1999-2004).  Blog
Synnove Oyen Norway, Bergen. Born 10-11-1974. Student at the National college of art and design, dep. of textile (master-studies), Bergen, Noorway. 

Paffard Keating-Clay Great Brittain (Spain), Mijas. Born near Stonehenge in England, Keatinge-Clay grew up in the Wiltshire village of Teffont. He received his education from the Architectural Association in London, dual majoring in Architecture and Structural Engineering. He graduated in 1949. He began his professional career while in school at the London office of architect Erno Goldfinger.  for the occasion as a fascinating artist, in many disciplines, such a sculpture, installations, and drawings. For the Din A4 collection he granted two charcoal drawings. 
Mario Palma Cobos Spain, Malaga. Born 13/07/1953, Malaga, Spain. Web
Yamilé Pardo Menéndez Cuba, Havana. Elementary School of Fine Arts, 1981. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, 2001. Sculpture professor at the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro. Web
Ramón Paredes Spain, Malaga. Born in Madrid, 1952. Studies and background: 1982 graduate of the Official School of Ceramics in Madrid. Between 1982 and 1987 he participated in various courses among which are those made with the potters A. Vivas en Barcelona, Byron Temple in Granada and Angel Garraza en Sangüesa, Navarra (Spain). Since then he has combined his activity as a ceramist with engraving and painting.
Pedro Pastrana Spain, Malaga. Born: 27 de Octubre de 1965, en Jaén. 1990. Obtained a degree in the Faculty of Fine Arts "Alonso Cano" from Granada.

Angelo Pastorello Brasil Brazil (São Paulo) Angelo Pastorello, Brazilian Photographer for more than 25 years produces essays sets,advertising and copyright works, is responsible for processing your photos, the revelation to the enlargements on photographic paper. Adding a striking feature in the copyright work. Collaborates with several magazines, photographing fashion editorials and behavior,portraits and reportage, has several solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions tb in Brazil and abroad.
Ludwig Pauli Germany, Berlin. Born: 22 08 1949 in Görwihl, Baden-Württhemberg Marital status: Widowed, since 1989; 2 daughters. Nationality: German
Hilda Paz  Argentina, Buenos Aires. Hilda Paz Levozan born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Study at the School of Fine Arts "Carlos Morel" from Quilmes, where she serves working as a teacher of engraving and Painting.
Antonio Peché Spain, Malaga. Born in Malaga. It is Technician in Plastic Arts and Design school of Art in San Telmo, (Málaga). Perfect for four years engraving techniques at the workshop Gravura in Malaga and the Municipal Workshop in Fuengirola, Málaga. Personal web
Titi Pedroche Spain, Malaga. Titi Pedroche, about the artist: "...Since my first encounter with painting in 1975, my main concern was to arrange the colors and spaces that came up on a cardboard surface ..... Today I let it flow, its course to matter and color.. , I care about organizing spaces and colors,(...) but in a more extensive way... ". Training: as part of her artistic training the following workshops are included, in which we learn the different techniques of printing: the printmaking workshop led by Hernandez Pijuán and by Misu Miura. Web
Jo Peeters Netherlands, Helmond.
Javier Peinado Spain, Malaga. Born in 1976. university degree in Fine Arts. solo and group exhibitions in Málaga, Córdoba, Sevilla, Madrid and Maastricht. He has murals in villages in the province of Málaga and the Dominican Republic. Winner of several prices: painting outdoors, first prize in the "Art in Malaga 2005 contest, sponsored by El Corte English, and the first prize in 2007 Nomads.
Elisa Perea Hernández USA (Mexico), New York. Born in Mexico (Nogales Sonora,1979- ). B.S. in Communications by the University of Sonora, Hermosillo Sonora Mexico (2004). Manager of the cultural fund for the children “Alas y Raices” Cultural Institute of Guanajuato, Mexico (2005-2006). Intern at Media Noche Gallery (2006-2007) NY, NY. (USA). Video Personal web
Angel Perez Pardo Spain, Madrid. Born in Madrid in 1951, autodidact. 1975, received the award of the Popular painting Ateneo de Torrejón, which was repeated in 1977 premier. After ward he followed a path that has been through many styles currently being framed in abstract expressionism and materialism.
Ángel Pérez Argentina, Gral. Roca Rio Negro. He was born on 07/08/1951 in San Isidro. Buenos. Aires. Ttraining: Patagonian Institute of Arts: Teaching Degree in Sculpture and Painting. He worked as a teacher in secondary art-schools and workshops. Blog
Magdiel Perez Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, Gto. Studied drawing and painting in the INBA workshops in Orizaba, Veracruz and in Mexico City, as well as engraving in San Miguel de Allende y Barcelona, Spain.He has participated since 1993 in collective exhibits in Mexico City, Leon, Querétaro, Aguscalientes and abroad in Bonn, Leverkussen and Nüremberg in Germany and in Portland and Houston in USA.In 1994 he had his first individual exhibit at Centro Cultural “El Nigromante” – INBA in San Miguel de Allende. Up to today he has had sixteen individual exhibits in León, Irapuato, Querétaro, México City and San Miguel de Allende and in Barcelona, Spain. Blog
Vivienne Peters  Australia (Great Brittain), Naunton Crescent. Born in Bristol, England. Dip Fine Art, Claremont School of Art, Perth, Western Australia, 1984.Lecturer in Painting and Drawing (Part Time) North and Central Metropolitan Colleges of Art, Perth 1986 – 1993. Moved to Spain in 1994, returned to Australia in 2004
Carlota Petrolini Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Carlota Petrolini studies at the National School of Fine Arts to graduate from the "Manuel Belgrano" in 1958 and "Prilidiano Pueyrredón" in 1964. In 2008 she participated in the program for Latin American Pottery (Sino-Latin American Ceramic Art Exchange Program) in Beijing, China. The work done is in the Fule International Ceramic Art Museums in the country. videos
Ilse Petry-Ambrosius Germany, Meerbusch. 1957-61 Studies at the State Art School Mainz, state exam Graphic Design. 1961-63 graphic designer in an advertising agency amerikanischjen in Frankfurt / M. 1963 studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, specializing in painting.1964-74 independcent work at ZDF.  

Inge Pfeiffer Spain (Germany), Badajoz. 1953-1959 studies at the academy of fine arts, colony courses: painting, engraving, etching, lithography. 1954-1959 Individual painting classes with painter emil flecken.1954 arts course summer salzburg, austria with painter Oskar Kokoschka. 1959 study tour of art, 1962 Italia. Partner association of artists Westfalen Nordrhein Westfalen, since 1974 a member of the working group "WASSERBURG art community", 1982 to 1996 lives and works in asia (textile design), since 1996 living in Spain, since 1999 member of Aplama, Malaga
Graciela Pierangeli Argentina, Buenos Aires. Graciela Pierangeli born in Reefs, Province of Buenos Aires, lives and works in Buenos Aires. He began studying Visual Arts in the studio of Professor Marcelo Lo Pinto. Since the beginning of its formation expresses interest in the theory and history of art, philosophy and psychoanalysis. These discourses crossing his paintings more or less indirectly. He studied in the workshops of Oscar Smoje, Luis Felipe Noé and Eduardo Medici. She studied Bachelor of Arts in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UBA .He exhibited on several occasions, his last solo show at Standard Bank Foundation, 2007.
Will Pluijm Netherlands, Den Bosch. Foundation Doklens. De Gruyter Factory, Veemarktkade 8, Hal C28. 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Training: Academy of Art and Design in 1990, 's-Hertogenbosch (NL). Personal web
Manuel Azaro Poelstra Netherlands, Leusden. Born in 1995, Huis ter Heide. In process of learning and experimenting with techniques such as charcoal, his urge to develop his personel artist lenguage is remarkable and outstanding. Regarding his age, his profesionel achievements are surprising. He has exhibited in group shows, W-A.F.P.I.A.A.P., International Project of World Wide Artists For Peace, with “Hello installation” / ”Merhabba Installation” Instanbul, Turkey, and also with the "Wall For Peace" Bucarest, Romania. Also he participated in the international "Mail Art Exhibition", theme “Today and tomorrow”, drawings, Bad Aibling in Germany. Furthermore he has been part of the installatin “Altar para Fonthor”, realized by Artists of "Terra dell'Arte", in memory of the Brazilian artist Fonthor de Luca, with the object “From Here to Eternity”, on the occasion of “Los días de los Muertes”, Tijuana in Mexico. Personal Web
Ruth van de Pol Netherlands, Megen. Born 18-09-1954. 1985 LO. signs, 's Hertogenbosch diploma
1993 University of NSW: Teacher Secondary Education Nijmegen diploma. 1995 Academy of Fine Arts, Tilburg diploma. Personal web
Javier Ponce Spain, Malaga. Javier Ponce, Born in 1953 in Melilla, (Spanish overseas territory in North Africa). 1969-1973. He studied painting procedures at the School of Visual Arts and Crafts in Barcelona. 1972 - 1974. Costume designer, independent theater group Estess, Robe, Barcelona. 1975. Costume designer Contemporary Ballet Barcelona. Since 1976, alternating work as a painter, sculptor and ceramist. Since 2006 he is the director of the Contemporary Art Exhibition Hall of the College of Dentists of Malaga.2008. Secretary of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors of Malaga. Collections: his works we can find is in the collections of the Spanish Red Cross. Malaga, in Kia Motors, Bremen (Germany), Unigest - Unicaja. Madrid, Unicaja, Málaga and in the collections of Miguel Angel Berral and Asunción Mesa.
Gustavo Posadas Mexico, León, Guanajuato. He began his art studies at an early age and self-taught, with people within the industry surrounding himself with musicians painters and sculptors . Studying parallel Bachelor of Industrial Design. -1977-2007 Began his professional artistic activity in the city of Aguascalientes. Continues Queretaro City , then worked for many years in Mexico City In this way, over time his Work wins important spaces in galleries and museums and also art collectors . Having participated in group shows and solo exhibitions at galleries, cultural centers, Cultural , Museums Universities and International
Héctor Prats Francés Spain, Alcoy (Alicante). Born in Alcoy, Prov. Alicante, España, 1987. 2011 Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia. 2008 2009 Erasmus Scholarship at the AAAD, Prague (Academy of art, architecture and design). Flickr
Zake Prelvukaj Kosovo, Pristina. Zake Prelvukaj, born in 1963, Martinaj, Plavë, (Former) Yugoslavia. She graduated in1990 in Prishtina Faculty of arts in the section of Figurative Art -.Painting, attending the classes of professor Muslim Mulliqi. Continuing the education in the year 1997 she graduates her Master Degree at the class of Professor Muslim Mulliqi. From the year 1993 she works as a professor in the Prishtina Faculty of Art. Zake Prelvukaj has also been engaged as an art critic and authorial writing on various issues on art. Some of her exhibitions are held and made in open environment in large areas, with different expressions, she has also has been involved in public art, creating many large murals.Currently she works as professor in the Prishtina Faculty of Arts. She lives and works in Prishtina – Kosovo.
Monique Prévoo Netherlands, Maastricht. 1977-1983 City Academy of Applied Arts, sculpture department Maastricht;  Academy of Visual Art Schools Vredeman de Vries, monumental, Department Leeuwarden. 1989-1990 Post-graduate C.P.D.B. Sittard (teaching degree two-and three-dimensional design). 1993-1994 Post-graduate Euromarketing Valkenburg, Consultant specializing in European affairs.
Katja Prewozny Germany, Dusseldorf. Born 22-2-1969 in Dusseldorf. Studying 5 years design at Fachhochschule Niederrhein, Krefeld, Germany. Since 1993 working independently.
Eva Priller Germany, Passau. German studies in art education professor at the University of Passau Lankes, then at the University of Munich with Professor Daucher. 1990 Master's degree in art education, art history and linguistics 1990-93. Teaching at the University of Munich Department of Art Education (Ceramics). since 1990 Freelance artist with exhibitions at home and abroad. Since 1998, studio and gallery in Passau, since 2000, teaching private students. Web
Juan Manuel Prol Argentina
Lihue Pumilla Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Born: July 26, 1973.1989 founded with Paul Carlasare the theater group "Serenito Deyovani" until 1994. Produced several musicians and street interventions. Some works: "The Dreamer", "The delicate art of making poison", "Dog Barking Live", "Turn to rodado24 General Pico", "The escape of the paralytic.".1997 Encouragement Award Sculpture Lounge. (La Pampa). 1998 Encouragement Award Sculpture Lounge. (La Pampa).Sample "The green smoke rotting oranges." With artists and Leila Gonzalez Mariela Cordova. Museum of Arts. (Santa Rosa. La Pampa). 1999 Scholarship improvement "Presidency of the Nation", by Raúl Fernández Olivi.videos and  Blog
Judit Quecuti Spain, Alcorcón (Madrid). Video / Blog
Emilio Quintana Argentina