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Miran Šabić Croatia, Samobor. Was born on 17th December 1986 in Brežice, Slovenia.Currently attending PhD in painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in class of Proffesor A. Rašić. Graduated MA at Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics, in class of prof. F. Paro. Graduated from School for Applied Art and Design, Department of Graphics. He is member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists), ULUS (Samobor Association of Artists), and a member of „Association of Ilirian Dragon“ Executive Board. Personal web
Rita Sacco Italia, Lesina. "The interest is directed to a personal journey through a part by finding that patterns of shapes and lines that become interwoven paths to take (rita sacco)." 2nd prize in the painting section 1 competition maze.
Francesco Sacripanti Germany (Italia), Passau. born in Rome in 1953 and lives in Passau since 1987. Since 5 years he works as an independent artist and he has participated in several group shows exhibitions.During this period of intensive work he not only has managed to develop its own language in his paintings, which are far from reality and in which the coloring appears in the foreground, but he has also created a very personal technique, the “Plastificazione”, in which the acrylics reflect a luminosity similar to photography.
Humberto Salgueiros Fernández Cuba, Havana. Born August 24, 1985 in Cuba. Training:
Nat Academy Of Fine Arts San Alejandro in Havana.Course: 2000-2004. Graduated: Technical and Vocational.
Julia Alicia Salinas Sánchez Peru, Lima. Born in 1973, Yanahuara, Arequipa, Peru.Specialty Plastic Artist in Painting at the Fine Arts National School Peru. Complement studies UNMSM and UPC (Bachelor of Arts and Education). I have also attended courses in Cultural Management and the Critical Analysis of Contemporary Art (Diana Guerra, Guillermo Cortez, Miguel Lopez, H. Rodríguez, Cesar Ramos, Augusto Del Valle, A. Bonino).  Web
Luis Angel Augusto Salinas Argentina, Tucumán. Date of Birth: 24/03/1981.Main courses and workshops:2003 Wood Carving, Institute of American Art and Regional, SM de Tucumán,2004 Face and Portrait Spoken, Secretary of University Extension UNT, S. m. Tucumán.2005 2nd Assistant Space research and reflection on issues of art-art research topics from Tucumán, Faculty of Arts Institute of Aesthetic Studies, UNT, 2006 ouvinte office to Digital Painting, UFSM, Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil / Art in the Age, Instituto Miguel Lillo, SM de Tucumán. 2008 Wood: creative strategies, and Regional Institute of American Art, Tucumán.
Denys San Jorge Rodriguez Cuba, Havana. Visual Artist, works as an illustrator in the newspaper "El Habanero" and Habaname Magazine. Studies: 2000 - 2004-National Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro. Web
Francisco Sánchez Gil Spain, Marbella, Malaga. born in 1956 Marbella. Malaga, Spain (Spain). Training: Class taught crafts and polychrome in the Albarizas Neighborhood Association (Marbella). Web
Alicia Sánchez Serrano Spain, Churriana, Malaga. 1971 Born in Granada on September 28. 1986 Since '86 lives in Malaga. videos
David Sancho Spain, Malaga. 1996 Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Sevilla.Technical assistant in graphic design.1993,1994, 1995 Completion of three courses in landscape under the direction of Antonio Zarco, a professor at the University of Madrid, Priego de Córdoba.1993 Completion of a course under the direction of B Cortijo Paco, Paco MissHo Miura and Gordillo. Seville.1996 Completion of a course in painting and art materials under the direction of Victor Chacon and Concha Hermosilla, Ciudad Real in September. Personal web
Cristina Sandor Mexico (Romania). Born 15th of December 1978, Arad, Romania.Studies - 1997-2002 Faculty of Visual Art, University of West Timisoara, section of graphics.2002 -2003 Postgraduate Studies, University of West Timisoara section of graphics, from 2002 curator of decorative art at the Art Museum Arad. In present she lives and works in Mexico.Blog
Shanitta Sant Miksch Austria (Turkey) (Armenia), Linz. Born and raised in Istanbul, the Armenian painter Schanitta Sant Miksch, began to work as a way of expressing her inner self. She studied painting with Prof. Christine Salerie in Istanbul, where she also held her first exhibitions. Her work has been shown in single and group presentations, both abroad and in Austria, where she has lived since the 1980s. With an affinity to Cézanne and the brilliant colours of the Marmara Sea, Schanitta Sant Miksch communicates a warm and vivid feeling for life, capturing moments and situations that counter the increasing coldness of society. Through her art, she touches people and confronts them with their own emotions. (Source: Brian Dorsey). Personal web
Rubén Sassano Argentina, Buenos Aires. He was born in 1960 in Argentina. He studied at the School of Fine Arts "Manuel Belgrano" in Buenos Aires and then Georgina Styled with teachers, Osvaldo Attila, and Rubén Hernán Dompé Locaso. He was President of the Association of Friends of the National Museum of Engraving. He teaches "Cut" and "Print" in the "Rogelio Yrurtia" School of Fine Arts. Personal web
Yvonne Savelkoul Netherlands, Roermond. Born: 1951 Arnhem, Netherlands. Training: 1980-1985 ABK Maastricht.
Rianne Schaaf Netherlands, Eindhoven. Industrial Design Academy in Eindhoven and graduated from the University of Tilburg, Autonomous Direction: Monumental and Signs. Web
Rubén Oscar Schaap Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Born in 1973 in Santa Rosa, La Pampa province, Argentina. Reside in this place 36 years ago (La Pampa means treeless area, desert plain, raw winds, African Skies, caldenes cacti and thistles ruzos ...). "... I'm pseudo self, my concerns with orbiting literature, communication and especially" Cinema "
Uwe Schloen Germany, Hohendorf. Uwe Schloen was born in 1958 in Lower Saxony, Germany and studied sculpture and painting in Hamburg. Since 1983 he has worked as an independent artist and is a traveler. He presents himself internationally with installations and photographic series. He gained fame with the “Bunkerdorf “ in the Giardino di Daniel Spoerri in Seggiano and “Gölm”, the lead village in Merscheid / Luxembourg. Around the same time he developed the extensive work of the section “Transsiliconia “. He lives and works currently in Hohendorf, Germany. video / Personal web
Eva Schmidt Germany, Passau. Eva Schmidt. In 1961, she has been accepted as a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. For personal reasons this year she changened to the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters at the University JPS Presov (eastern Slovakia) where she studied Fine Arts and Russian. Since 1968 she works as a cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer at various newspapers and publishers of Bratislava and Budapest. During the years she made hundreds of cartoons and illustrations. Numerous exhibitions in Bratislava, in southern Slovakia and Budapest. She receives a state grant as a draftsman in 1973 and 1974 in Bratislava. In 1985 he was expelled from the Association of Plastic Arts and her valid international journalist permit was suspended for having married a man from West Germany. Loses the right to work as an artist and journalist. In 1986 she moved with his family to Germany. Working in painting, cartooning and drawing. Since then she shows in national and international exhibitions. Web
Klaus Schmitt Germany, Mönchengladbach. 1 955 born in Korschenbroich. High School in 1973 in Mönchengladbach. 1973-76 Studies at the RWTH in Aachen Education, kath.Theologie, art (Prof.Joachim Bandau). 1977-83 studied at the Art Academy Dusseldorf master student of Prof. Günther Uecker. Personal web
Verena Schönhofer Germany, Passau. Born 1980 in Rotthalmuenster.1997-1999 Fachoberschule Straubing, training design direction.1999-2004 Graphic Design at the Fachhochschule Augsburg, Diploma.2004 debutant promotion of the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts (in collaboration with the BBK Lower Bavaria and the Cultural Department of the City of Passau).2005 internship at Columbus Art Foundation in Ravensburg, a support framework for Contemporary Art.2006-2007 opening entlichkeitsarbeit Museum of Modern Art Passau.Since 2007 Artistic independend active in Passau. Personal web
Nicole Schoonenberg Netherlands, Roermond. Born: 29-06-1979.Till 1997, several courses on the CK. 1995-1997 poster designs Vinegar Factory, Roermond.1997-2001 Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht, monumental (painting and graphics) department. 1999 PATH project in Suburb St Jakob, Roermond. 2000, exhibition "Far and disentanglement" in cafe Zoya, Roermond. Together with Chantal Le Doux. 2001 exhibition at the headquarters of DSM, Heerlen.
Ine Schröder Netherlands, Maastricht. City Academy Maastricht (completed in 1977).  Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht (1979)
Céline Schroeder Netherlands, Wijlre. Born in 1980, Kerkrade, Netherlands. Personal web
Antje Seemann Germany, Aachen. 1967 Born in Brunswick.1987-88 Free Art School in Stuttgart.1988-89 State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart.1988-95 HBK Braunschweig, studying liberal arts at Roland Dörfler, Bernd Minnich and Ursula Sax.1995 master student Art price of the art circle Marbach.1997, 1998 working grants the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg for the printing workshop in SchIoß.2003 Grant Künstlergut Prösitz in Leipzig.
Juan Antonio Segovia Spain, anta Cruz de Tenerife. Born 10/27/1949 in Vélez Málaga. Small, marching with their parents Barcelona, ​​There, after his studies, started high school and is involved in school poetry events. His father is accompanied by all the art exhibitions held in Barcelona, as well as demonstrations which at that time were held during the Floral Games, where his father won deserved awards. Meetings with artists, critics and poets, Juan Antonio awaken some concerns that years later would give their fruit. Return to Málaga in September 1968, and the booklet of their primiciales verses and recent literary prose. There also initial drawings. A reversal occurs in your life. Walk to Santa Cruz de Tenerife and there, so conducive atmosphere for dreaming and creating, alternating poetry and painting with his profession of insurance agent.
Francisco Selva López Spain, (Morocco), Malaga. Born in Larache (Morocco) in 1940. Lives and works in Málaga, Spain.
Fattou Kande Senghor Senegal, Dakar.

Liliana Sepiurka Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in Argentina el 14/06/1959. College Education and ongoing: Course curriculum supplementation. for teachers. Awarding Institution: National Institute of Art-IUNA Year: 2002.Degree: Professor of Visual Arts with a concentration in sculpture.University Extension Seminar-SEU.Awarding Institution: National Institute of Art-IUNA Year: 2006.
Ludmila Serra Spain (Venezuala), Malaga. Born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela on April 28, 1973, lives in Malaga since 1996. Begins to realize her artistic trajectory from 1996 that is dedicated to performing hand-painted design and the world of design and advertising shirts. videos
Robert Sestok USA, Detroit, Michigan. Contemporary artist, sculptor and painter, and since the 1960's a leader in the Detroit Cass Corridor Art Movement. 1965 Seaholm High School, Birmingham, MI.1965-1969 College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI.1968 and 1970 Haystack School of Crafts, Stonington, Deer Isle, ME.1970 Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI.1971 Pilchuck Summer Glass Blowing Workshop, Stanwood, WA. Personal web
Miroslav Setka  Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1995 Born in Citluk. 1978 Graduated Art Academy in Sarajevo. 1990 became the member of Painters Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2003 started postgraduate studies in Sarajevo
Zahal Shahor Morocco. Zahal Shahor, (Colline Sarah Henry ) born in 1980, is a young self-taught artist living between Paris, France, and Essaouira, Morocco. It is there but also Istanbul and Granada where she familiarized with the Geometrical Art, also called Muslim Art, where the perfection of geometric technique of abstraction is expressed, which we can find on the surface of the frescoes where motives go on towards infinity, on bass-relief, on gates and fountains, on furniture or just daily objects. Personal web
Ingrid Simons Netherlands, Eindhoven. Born 7 Mei 1976 te Eindhoven. 1995-1999 Academy of Art and Design, Den Bosch - diploma. Study fine art, painting, drawing and graphics. Specialization painting and drawing. Thesis Title: "The most beautiful flowers grow on the edge of the abyss.". A treatise on the search for balance between "realism" and "abstraction" by examining the struggle between image and paint. Rated very good. 1994-1995 Open University, Heerlen. Field of study: Biology. Specialization populations and behavior certificate. Personal web
Ángeles Sioli Spain, Malaga. Born in Málaga, has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of GranadaHe studied engraving for four years, first in the workshop "Gravura" Malaga, directed by artist Paco Aguilar, and then in the municipal home workshop culture of Fuengirola, led by artist and professor José M ª Córdoba . He is also a graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Granada and Master in Museology. videos
Richard Skelton USA, Michigan. 1968 Western Michigan University, graduate instructor and 1969-70 Offered teaching fellowship Bowling Green University. 1970 to present totally self supported by income recieved directly from Art shows and gallery Exhibitions, commissions, royalities from reproductions and work leased by major prop houses in L.A. for use in films and TV, lectures, demonstrations and artists in residencies. All my work is a reflection of my connection with the organic universe, the imagery is drawn from all the cultural and archetypal human expressions, past present and future, then placed in clay.
Ana Sladetić Croatia, Samobor. She was born on 4th September 1985 in Vukovar, Croatia.She is currently at postgraduate doctoral studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia.Graduated 2009 from the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics, direction of applied graphics in class of prof. Z. Tišljar. She exhibits from 2004 and since then has been awarded several times for her works. Personal web
Kitty Sliepen Netherlands, Roermond. graphics training, Graphic experience, Pattern designs
Joke Smeulders Netherlands, Helmond. Born: 6 March 1949, in Nuenen. Education: Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg (1989-1994). Specialization: autonomic pattern-design. Lives and works in Helmond, Netherlands. Video / web
Hans-Jürgen Söffker Germany, Düsseldorf. WS 91-WS 2000 Studies of construction. July 2000-July 2002 training as media designer, specializing in design / print. Worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer since 2004.
Betina Sor Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in Buenos Aires in 1963. Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studies and Degrees:Was received at the School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón with the title of National Teacher of Sculpture. He studied sculpture with Marta de Palma, Leo Vinci, Ramón Castejón teachers and training in Art History with Prof. Barbara Bustamante. In 2004 he made his degree thesis and obtained his degree Bachelor of Visual Arts Sculpture orientation in National College of Arts (IUNA). Personal web
Marija Sordan Servia, Beograd. Mary Sordan born in 1949.  Studied painting in Belgrade with Professor Sergej Jovanovic. Since 1986 she works as an independent artist.
Andrea Daniela Sosa Argentina, Santa. Rosa, La Pampa. Pace and date of birth: Victorica, La Pampa, Argentina, on May 13, 1972. Professor of Arts in Visual Arts
Adolfo Soto Santarem Spain, Malaga. Born in Córdoba in 1951. Reside in Málaga since 1963. Web

Françoise Soupel France, Lamontgie. Born 21-09-1960.
Shirley van Sprew Netherlands, Roermond. Born 1978 1996-2000: Teacher Training Drawing 2nd degree, Fontys Hogeschool Sittard. 2000-2002: Teacher Training Drawing (Art Education) 1st grade, Zuyd University, Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. Personal web
Vlado Stjepić Slovenia, (Bosnia Herzegovina), Ljubljana. 1958 Born in Kosci, Bosnia-Herzegovina, currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia.1973–78 Studied at the Sarajevo School of Applied Arts.1978–82 Studied at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts (Slovenia) in the Department of Painting.1982–84 Postgraduate study in painting at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts.1985– Status as a freelance artist.1987 State scholarship through the “Moša Pijade” Fund for a study trip to Spain.1999 Prize at the 1st International Biennial of New Watercolour in Kleinsassen, Germany.2006 Grand prix at the 7th Slovenian Biennial of Town Kranj, Slovenia.2007 Prize at the 7th Watercolour Biennial in Zrenjanin, Serbia. Personal web
Kim Streur Netherlands, Amstedam. Hogeschool Utrecht Visual Arts 1988 - 1993 Cum Laude
Annerose Strijland Netherlands, Enter. Anne Rose Strijland works with passion for paper, books and texts. Her themes often works out as a serial development especially in drawings and graphics. She is inspired by the cycles of nature and the materials they encounter while they used to shape. Their ideas and emotions.
Inge Suijkerbuijk Netherlands, Geleen. Born in 1974 in Spaubeek. Training courses: 1991 - 1995 Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht, diploma in 1995. Tehatex signs. 1995 - 1996 Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, diploma in 1996. Direction: chart.
Jaromir Svozilik Norway, (Czech Republic ), Oslo. Jaromir Svozilik, born in Prostejov, Czech Republic on 4. November 1951. Lived in Sweden since 1974, moved to Oslo, Norway in 1991.Member of the association of Norwegian Visual Artists.At the moment he works with different graphic suites at Edvard Munch’s studio in Oslo. Training: Graphic Art Studio with Prof. Staffan Kihlgren, Falun, Sweden. Guest Teacher, Art Academy, University of Umeå, Sweden. videos Personal web


Artur Tajber Poland. Born: 5th January 1953 in Stalinogród (now Katowice), Poland. Education: Secondary education at the Liceum Plastyczne (a state grammar school specializing in art), Krakow. Commenced a course of study at the College for Psychiatric Nursing at Kobierzyn, Krakow, but left to enrol in the Faculty of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture at the PWSSP (State College for the Fine Arts), Wroclaw in 1972, and transferred in 1973 to Krakow, to the Faculty of Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts, where he completed his diploma course (M.F.A. - awarded a distinction) in Professor Adam Marczynski studio,1978. Any media or discipline divisions do not restrict his art. Interested in conceptual design and the theory of art. Since 1974 he has been exhibiting and presenting his works in Poland and abroad.
Hernán Talavera Spain , La Roda (Albacete). videos / Personal web
Anne-Bé Talirz Austria (Netherlands), Schwarzenberg am Böhmerwald. Born in 1953, Hengelo, The Netherlands. Education:1973 – 1975 Graphic Design, 1975 – 1978 General Philosophy, 1992 – 1993 Rietveld Akademie, Amsterdam, 1993 – 1997 Vrije Akademie Beeldende Kunst, specialized in graphic arts. Personal web
Fernando Tejada Argentina, Cordoba. Painting, watercolor and drawing, Autodidact
Manuela Tello Spain, Barcelona. Graduated Procedures Murals by Escola D'Applied Arts "Llotja" (1987-1989). Studies of the School B of Arts and Crafts (1989-1991). Seminar in Art History-University of Barcelona (1990-1992). Working in the studio perfecting various techniques different painters. Blog
Louise van Terheijden Netherlands, Tilburg. 1954 Born in Ens, Noordoostpolder. 1977 - 1982 Den Bosch Academy of Art and Design: Painting. 1973 - 1977 Tilburg Academy of Visual Education. Personal web
Mona Thiel Germany, Passau. Born: 1946 in Asch (Sudetenland). Professional and artistic career: 1960-1963 apprenticeship as a visual merchandiser. 1963-1968 visual merchandiser. 1980-1994 freelance visual merchandiser. 1995 freelance artist in the field of graphic arts, painting, creative arts, masks, costumes, props. Since my youth Autodidact in the picturesque and creative sector. Personal web
Majo Tissone Argentina, Buenos Aires. Bachelor of Visual Arts, she teaches in the Visual Arts IUNA in Proyectual OTAV Chairs and Drawing. Blog
Sergio Toledo Aburto México, Tecate, Baja California. Born in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico in 1979, where he currently lives and works. Throughout his life he has been involved in various processes of handling printing techniques, as this is the family business. He has participated in over twenty group exhibitions in the states of Baja California, Morelos and Mexico City. He has dabbled in sculpture, graphics, engraving, painting, paper making and performance. Among his teachers are Álvaro Blancarte, Antonio Nava, Salvador Magana, Gabriel Macotela, Eugene Walsh and Alfredo Mereles. He has also participated in various workshops and instruction collaborated in creating monumental sculptures in Mexico City and in Tecate, Baja California.
Philippe Tonnard Belgium, Gent. video
Steini Torsson Netherlands (Iceland), Rottterdam. The Dutch art institute ART,EZ Enschede the Netherlands ‘96-’98, Master of Fine Arts diploma. Lahti Institute of Fine Arts Lahti Finland ‘93-’94 special project, NORD grant. Akureyri Schol of Visual Art Akureyri Iceland ‘69-’93 diploma Painting. Personal web

Hans Peter Trampert Germany, Hückelhoven – Millich. Born in 1952 in Hetzerath NRW (D). Growing up in a mining family 52/70. An electrician in the coal mining 66/69. Seemann (German Navy) Travel in north polar seas 70/74. Electrician in the coal mining 74/78. High voltage fitter (travel in Arab. Countries) 78/00. Web