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Anto Cabraja France, (Bosnia Herzegovina), Zenice. St. Etienne. Bom in 1957 at Zenica (Bosnia). Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts at Sarajevo in 1986 with high distinction. From 1983 to 1986 makes caricatures published in weekly magazine “Nasi Dani” at Sarajevo. Becomes member of the Regional Visual Artist Association (DLU) in 1988 (selective admission). Member of the jury of the International Fine Artists in residence at Pocitelj in 1989. Elected member of Bosnia-Herzegovina Fine Artist Association (selective admission) in 1990. From 1990 to 1992 participates to several art projects. Fine Arts profesor at Zenica Classic High School from 1986 to 1992. Creates and realizes costumes and stage setting for Zenica National Theater in 1990 and 1991. Publishes essays on contemporary art from 1987 to 1992. Prepares and animates a culture radio broadcast concerning Fine arts for CD Radia-Zenica in 1992. videos
Dini Calderón Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Born in Casilda, Santa Fe, Argentina, in 1967. National Professor of engraving. National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón. University Professor of Arts in Visual Arts. IUNA.  Professor of Printmaking Workshops Regional Center for Arts Education. Santa Rosa. La Pampa. Blog
Mónica Canzio Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born on March 11, 1959 in Buenos Aires. 2010 Sculpture in the Gardens of Larreta Museum. 2009 Sculpture Biennale of Architecture Recoleta.Instalación ARSLATINA Cultural Center, Havana, Cuba. Individual drawings and sculptures Gallery Empathy. 2008 Group Show Empathy Drawings Art Gallery. Exhibition of sculptures and drawings Museum of Fine Arts Santa Rosa La Pampa Sculpture Lounge Lounge Rose Manuel Belgrano.Escultura Sculpture Holy Pampa. Blog
Alfonso Caputo Italy, Tolentino. Born in Foggia in 1961.  “I have started my artistic way from teen-ager. The emotion that I have tried seeing the photos realized by my father has pushed me to express me. I have understood that I had to build my artistic life to small steps. My deeper desire is to reach the heart of the people that I meet and that meet my artworks. My effort is to give form to the light, to make to live the emotions over the barrier of my human limits.Very important, for me, it is also promote the artworks of other artists because I love the art, not only my art…”.videos Personal web

Javier Carra Argentina, Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Born in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina. (Cut to the interview published by the newspaper in Santa Rosa, December 2010) ... Javier Carra is Santaroseño. Makes approximately 15 dedicated to design in general, emerges from other art, tattoos. From this emerged what you currently do, they were many years that there were hostile and difficult for the activity carried out but today won an important place in this society. And he tells us how this project was to develop. "The intention was to decorate recover this space was abandoned long ago and they undertook the project to pure lung. They are Mario Barrera, Nicholas Guest Cork Gimenez, Pablo Salazar, and I ... " slideshow
Laura Casamitjana de la Hoz Mexico, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. Born in Mexico City. Currently living in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Study Graphic Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana. She is the recipient of several awards at state and national level in Fine Arts, Design and Literature. He has won two scholarships working: FONCA 1997 and 1993 PACMYC. A date has presented 43 solo exhibitions and has participated in over 100 group
Antonio Casares Palma Spain, Malaga. Antonio Casares Palma, born in Malaga (Spain) Travel through Morocco and Moroccans subjects performed works, resides and runs in Palencia Castilla studying the monuments of Romanesque route. He settled in Málaga. continues his training in the workshop of the sculptor F. Palma Burgos where modeling, wood carving, etc. polychrome works. Her first pictorial production develops without committing to a particular style, evolved from figurative to other forms of free expression, being in 1983 when flows into abstraction. In his work a permanent research working with different materials transpires. His work in large formats has been complemented by other work of medium and small format that has led to a more minimalist painting, getting the same explosion of color and material.Personal web
Pedro Casermeiro Spain, Malaga. Pedro Casermeiro, eclectic artist. His work in various art disciplines are reflected in its thematic series along nearly 25-year career. He has received numerous awards and has 15 solo exhibitions and 60 group shows. His works are in numerous public and private collections.
Silvia Castagnino Argentina, General Pico, La Pampa. Castagnino Silvia was born on May 17, 1959 in Pellegrini, Buenos Aires. Resident in General Pico, La Pampa, Argentina. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in the city of General Pico, graduated with the titles of Master of Visual Arts and Professor of Drawing at the specialty of Painting. She is Professor in charge of the image Càtedra Production and Visual - Painting, career in the Faculty of Arts Institute of Fine Arts. General Pico. La Pampa. Is Professor of Arts in cycle I and II General Basic Education, where he presented a creativity workshop working with children from 6-12 years. (The art in low-income schools). Personal web
Laura Castanedo Mexico, Tecate, Baja California. Laura Castanedo, born in Mexico City in 1967. She has lived in that city, and in Monterrey, NL and Orizaba. Currently she lives in Tecate Baja California, Mexico. She studied at the Autonomous University of Baja California. She has received several awards and recognitions, among them an honorably mention at the Biennial of St. Petersburg, Russia, Dell Terra Art Prize of Italy and honorably mention at the Third Biennial UABC. She has mounted solo exhibitions, among which include De fugas y temperancias; Para Lorca: estímulo y fuerza; Of Love and discretion: Sor Juana visual entertainments, and Templos. videos Personal web
Mar R. Castilla Spain, Malaga. Born in San Roque, Cadiz, studies in Madrid. Personal web
Felipe Catalan Argentina (Bolivia), Salta. Felipe Catalán Terrazas, born Pulacayo, Potosi, Bolivia, in 1943. Currently paints and teaches painting workshops in particular Tucuman, Salta, Cordoba (RA), La Paz, Santa Cruz (BOL), Buenos Aires - The mouth (RA). He studied at the Ecole Normale de Bolivia. Graduated as Master of Fine Arts in 1976. Graduate courses in Technology in Audiovisual Media at the International Training Centre in Turin. Make internships in Italy, Lyon (France), Madrid (Spain), and Geneva (Switzerland) from 1979 to 1980. He teaches Creative Graphic Design in the Faculty of Architecture and Arts at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia, 1982. Personal web
José Antonio Cepeda Spain, Malaga. Antonio José Cepeda García, born in Ciudad Real, Spain, 1953, resident in Malaga (E). Creator multimedia, image and sound technician, a founding member of the group "The Gryphon" Founding member of "Blue Space", founding member of "Three Space."Personal web
Victor Ceprián Cortés Spain, Madrid. Born in Aldeaquemada, Jaen (Spain) in 1946. His work revolves around various artistic endeavors: painting, drawing, prints, sculpture, ceramics, and digital photography. From geometric patterns and textured forms creates a very personal work.Personal web
Sassan Chaffi Belgium, (Iran), Moresnet. Sassan Chaffi, born and grown up in Iran, living and working in Belgium.
Adriana Chavarri Argentina, Santa Rosa,La Pampa. Adriana Chavarri born in the Federal Capital, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recide in Santa Rosa, La Pampa. Since 1990 he has had solo and group exhibitions in the Municipal Cultural Center, Circulo Italiano, Foundations, National University La Pampa. School libraries and art galleries in the city of Santa Rosa. Participate in national, regional and lounges Provinciales.Participo INADI samples.
Juan Pablo Chipe Spain (Mexico), Madrid. Visual Arts, Mexico (Nogales Sonora Mexico 1980 -). Painting, Installation, Performance and Fashion Design. Member Gallery "Hill Top" and "Roots taller/222" (1998-2000), Arizona So ¬ cio Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid (2000), Spain. This Fund may Fellow ¬ for Culture and the Arts of the State of Sonora (2001-2002), Mexico. Uni ¬ versity of Arts in Visual Arts Northwest (2003), and Tijuana Mexico Program Sonora Municipal Cultural Development (2007-2008), Nogales Son. Mexico ¬ co. Artist in residence at the Cultural Center "Art in the park". (2004-2005), Los Angeles CA. U.S. Creator of the fashion brand with RECIO recyclable material. videos Personal web
El Chirri Spain, Madrid. Jose Antonio Martinez Porras, artists name El Chirri:Over the past years, the topic of my pictures has gone around our ancestors´ reminscences represented inside the old rooms. Here, the human element appears in a latent way. In the recent ones, however, this element is clearer with the emerging of faces (sometimes formed by animals) among stones or cobwebs, shaping, at the same time, other faces "where the single one is linked with the everything". We are looking through the window of life that separates the outside from the inside but, for some reason, we only see what we have within.The study of the lights (as I see it) emerges as an ambicious, but not impossible, challenge. The game consists of catching the atmosphere of a certain instant of the day.” Personal web
Angelo Marco Cicoria Italia. Contemporary Italian artist. Painting, drawing, and digital image. Ars Latina, Tijuana (Mexico) - Tecate (Mexico) - Leon (Mexico) - Tolentino (Italia) - La Habana (Cuba) - Ventipertrenta, Tolentino (Italia), Project Din A4, Roermond Netherlands - Passau (Germany) - Malaga, (Spain)
Fia Cielen Belgium, Berchem. "The dissonant colors and hard lines in Fia's children's portraits stab through you and make you shudder. They are neither children nor elderly, everyone is terrified of death. Thousands of books that deal with the trauma of death. Marcel Broodthaers even goes a step further, you there, who diligently every artwork signs, which you are trying to protect you "(Eva Kerremans, inauguration 2/7 - 19:00)?
Adela Cifuentes Spain, Malaga. As a child changes residence, but remains within Andalusia. Is grounded in Málaga, where he studied at the University, being a degree in Spanish Philology. Exercising his profession for more than a decade in Córdoba. Currently lives and develop their artistic work in Malaga. I always was drawn to the arts, especially painting and architecture. Start by painting with watercolor, acrylic happened later continued with the oil, I took a course in "drypoint Recorder" in Gravura workshop, taught by José Faria and Paco Aguilar in Malaga in 2007. Finally, begins in the technique of encaustic workshop Ernst Kraft.
Violeta Cintas Gómez Spain, Madrid. Born in 1979 in Badajoz, Spain. Presently living in Madrid where he works as a graphic designer combined with the realization of his personal work. Diploma of Advanced Studies. University of Fine Arts in Madrid. From 2010 to 2011. Master of Design and Graphic Production. TAI School. Madrid. 2004-2005. Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts in Salamanca. 1998-2003.
Lis Cofré Argentina, Santa Rosa,La Pampa. Date of Birth: October 6, 1974 (General Pico) Argentina.
Stefan Cools Netherlands, Bunde. Date of birth: March, 28 1981. 2003 Master Floral Art Den Bosch, the Netherlands. In his latest exhibition the work of Stefan Cools presents us with an ecological paradigm. Stefan's practice is focused around a peculiar 'meta-science' or 'metaphysical-theory' that takes into consideration the way life systems are interrelated and connected. This includes awareness of the origins of materials, the way objects and products are constructed and the physical and psychological purpose that art serves in the production of meaning. Personal web
Mariano Cornejo Spain, Malaga. Born in Melilla and lives in Malaga since 1977. 1977 - Bachelor of Fine Arts. Specialty Shops. 1972 - Graduate in Applied Arts, Decoration section. Since 1977 he is Professor of Drawing and Color in the School of Art "San Telmo" Malaga. Personal web
Gloria Corral Argentina, Santa Rosa,La Pampa. Date and Place of Birth: Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina, March 7th, 1957. Blog
Carmela Corsitto Italia, Canicattì. Carmela Corsitto born in Canicattì (AG), in 1958, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Agrigento and subsequently attended a painting course in Conegliano Veneto. Game in the 80's experiences of figurative painting, she continued her research moving in the Informal Conceptual and then passed in the 90s at a definitive stylistic maturity, making the leap to the three-dimensional. Since 1983 she has embarked on an intense exhibition activity in Italy and abroad in public and private spaces in various cities in Europe, including: Liege, Huy, Gent, Paris, Rome. He currently lives and works in Bologna and Canicattì
Regien Cox Belgium, Stoumont. 

Miguel Angel Crego Spain, Madrid. Born in Madrid in 1987. Completing a degree in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid in the specialty of Image Arts, defined himself as "a restless soul who needs to have his feelings expressed in all possible ways, anytime, anywhere. " Blog
Fran Javier Crespillo  Spain, Malaga. Senior Technician at p. a. design, f. Birth November 1968. Member of contemporary art entropy. Stamp Advisory support for artistic esartec 3d.
Pál Csaba Hungary / Magyar Köztársaság, Budapest. 1993 Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest (graphic, typography). 1991 Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest (interdisciplinary painting – prof. Dóra Mauer). 1993 Academy of Fine Arts, Budapest (postgraduate painting).video Personal web
Roger Cummiskey Ireland (Spain), Malaga. Roger, from Blackrock, County Dublin, in Ireland is a full time painter. He also lives and works for over half the year in southern Spain. He exhibits widely on the world wide web, in solo and group exhibitions as well as in Galleries. Roger has had paintings representing Ireland in London (1999), Stockholm (2000), New York (2000) and at the Florence Biennale in 2003 to which he has been invited again to exhibit in December 2005.I am a full time visual Artist Professional Member of Visual Artists Ireland - VAI.Member The Artists' Resale Right (ARR) (Droit de Suite) In Ireland – IVARO. Personal web
Rafael Alonso Cumplido Spain, Cordoba. "I'm a visual artist and I turn in the Geometric abstraction. By its aesthetics and its complications. " Blog
Deserée Custers Netherlands, Den Haag. Born in 1993, Leiden, Netherlands. Grew up till her ninth year in Africa, and since then living and studying in the Netherlands.

Eugénie Dammer Netherlands, Eindhoven. Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost, Breda, the Netherlands. Painting / Monumental design, 1976-1982. “The fragile crazes in our supposed reality are the bridge to 'different' point of views: new openings: movements and interpretations, struggled out of what is being held as true. This starting point forms to me also the essence of my quest. This is translated in firm, well chosen strokes onto the canvas with the line as a guideline playing a dominant role. The themes I am occupied with ask for a flexible approach. Over the past years my work had gone through a determining development. After having worked abstractly for a long time the emphasis has now come to focus on a figurative image. Apart from the eventual form, in which my paintings give an account of my personal working process, they have become more and more 'readable' in their advancement…” Personal web
Waltraud Danzig Germany, Passau. Waltraud Gdansk, born in 1945 lives and works in Pfarrkirchenm in Tiefenbach and Passau (D) 1987 Intern. Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg with Prof. Radovani. from 1993/94 printing with earth on paper / lithography. Since 1995 member of the Produzentengalerie Passau. 1995-2004 Board member of the BBK Lower Bavaria. As of 1996, working with children and young people, course management and teacher training for lithography.Personal web
Camelia Davidescu Belgium (Romania). Born in 1949, Boekarest, Romania. 1971 Licentiate economy Bucharest, Romania. Bucharest: youth workshop: drawing, painting, modeling, classical ballet Belgium: 1980-1989 North Limburg Innstituut Overpelt visual arts: drawing, painting and sculpting. videos
Tamara Dees Netherlands. Born: 8 december 1971, Terneuzen. Post st joost Breda, vrije kunsten, afgestudeerd in 2001. Januari tot en met maart 1998 Erasmusstudie aan kiad in Canterbury, U.K.. Academie beeldende kunsten Maastricht, beeldhouwen/plastisch vormgeven, afgestudeerd in 1998. Video
Margareth Degeling Netherlands, Utrecht. Born in 1960 Hoorn, Netherlands. Since 2014 general coordinator Project Din A4. ”After working for 10 years in Trade and Industry, in 1990, I decided to make works of art and to become an artist. In order to understand the meaning and importance of Contemporary Art, I studied history of art for 4 years, from 1990 until 1994. Also, in that particular time, I have been working together with another artist from Utrecht, who was my teacher, in order to obtain the necessary skills in drawing, painting, etching, and other disciplines, and to develop my own "pictorial language". My admiration is for the narrative art and technical proficiency of Rembrandt, especially because of the Brilliant light/dark aspect in his work, for the renaissance artist. "Michelangelo", because of his Brilliant colours and for the baroque art of Rubens, because of his phenomenal compositions. More modern artists who I admire, because of the dramatic aspect in their work, are Anselm Kiefer, Enzo Cucchi and Sigmar Polke”.  videos Personal web
Juan Carlos Delgado Peru, Lima. Born in 1979, Lima. Graduate: Diploma in Philosophy, with a minor in Mysticism and Humanism. Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, 2009
undergraduate: Bachelor of Science in Communication. Private University San Martin de Porres. National School of Fine Arts of Peru - ENSABAP. PDF Personal web
Marianne Delmee Netherlands, Herkenbosch. Marianne Delmee, Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht
graduated in 1995 - Department monumental design, painting and drawing. Open University Heerlen, Arts and Culture 1985 -1987. Personal web
Dré Devens Netherlands, Maastricht City Academy of Applied Arts (dept Edelsmeden) 1963-1968. Maastricht: Jan van Eyck Academy (dept Chart) 1979/1984 to 1985.
Mouhamadou Dia Senegal, Dakar. Date and place of birth: May 17, 1957 in Dakar. 1979 Ecole des Beaux Arts in Dakar. 1980-1981: Royal Academy of Brussels (Belgium). 1983: National Diploma and 3rd Inter Price (18 countries competing contests BIAO)
Juan Jorge Díaz Rivera Mexico, Chapingo, Texcoco. He was born in Mexico Capital,
Presently living in Texcoco, State of Mexico. A tireless creator, explore and discover through experimentation new languages
​​that lead by unpublished trails of plastic. His work is full of symbolism depicted in pre-Hispanic gods, animals and mandalas, among others. Since the first exhibition that has been in constant search of his own universe. Aee PDF
María Xosé Díaz Spain, Catoira, Pontevedra, Galicia. María Xosé Díaz 1949. Studied Fine Arts in Barcelona where I lived 12 años.Aunque my training was painting, I was always attracted by the volume and space. I like to explore the qualities of materials: expressiveness, endurance, combinatorial possibilities ... find, manipulate and mix. Harmonize in geometric structures, sometimes static, sometimes in movements. Video Personal web
Jacques Dieteren Netherlands, Sittard. Born: Heerlen, 23-01-1957; deceased: Sittard, 20-12-2002. Co-founder of Contrast 85.
Rogier Dirkx Netherlands, Roermond. Rogier Dirkx, Duitch multimedia artist
Tomasz Domański Poland, Wrocław. Born: March 25th, 1962, Poland. 2003 Ph.D, Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Pl. 1995-96 Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. 1988-93 MA, Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Pl. Personal web
Hernán Dompé Argentina. Hernan Dompe, born in Buenos Aires in 1946. By his twenties, he traveled to Europe studying in Spain, France and Italy. Years later visited other countries such as Denmark, Holland, Switzerland and Germany. But the biggest influence on his sculptural vision will indeed be his work referring to the pre-Columbian world combining elements (bones, nails, cloth, guns, locks) that today are universalized.. Personal web
Pablo Dompé Argentina. Born in 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she lives and works. 2009 XII Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura en Buenos Aires. 3er Premio en la categoria Arte Y Esculturas. 2008 Premio Paradigma Digital MacStation -Mencion en Video Instalaciónes. 2007 Premio Tecnoescena-Mención del Jurado. Blog
José Doña Spain, Torremolinos. José María Fernández Doña (J.Doña) Benalmádena (Málaga). 1964. To date he has made a total of 125 group and solo exhibitions between inside and outside of Spain. His works are developed within the field of painting, sculpture and graphics and have been widely selected and awarded in various projects
Chantal le Doux Netherlands, Maastricht. born: March 9 Geleen, Netherlands. Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht September 1997 - July 2001
Jürgen Drewer Germany, Tönisvorst. The foundation my architecture-related work is the conceptual employment with the particular architecture in their room condition as well as the substantive issue of the use of space. In the works incurred as complement space and art by successive Refer. This reference space and art open the user a different way of seeing. Personal web
Henk Dronkers Netherlands, Grathem. Henk Dronkers, born in1931 in Rotterdam, lives and works in Grathem, the Netherlands. Training at The New Academy of Utrecht (1981-1985).
Work purchased by the municipality Waddinxveen (NL) and various institutions, companies and private collectors. Nature of his work: drawings and paintings in mixed media (matter-paintings). Ceramics, sculptures and objects, often in combination with other materials.
Swen Dudek Netherlands, Roermond. Born: February 6, 1972 in Roermond. Education: Academy for Visual Arts, Tilburg autonomous drawing, painting, printmaking 1992 – 1996. Personal web
Irma Dugelby Mexico, León, Guanajuato. Irma Dugelby was born in Mexico City on June, 1961. Worked as a professional artist for 15 years. She had 3 solo and 17 group exhibitions and completed 35 art works for individual and corporate clients. Nowadays is the Head Director of Lithops, Art in your Space in Leon, Guanajuato; Head Director of Ehrenzweig Art Division, Rotec International in Tampa, Florida and Head Director of Lithops Gallery in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Worked in special projects since 1996 with the visual artist Antonio Ehrenzweig. Personal web
Margot Dullens Netherlands, Rotterdam. 1992 - 1995 Art History, University of Nijmegen.      Propedeuse: July 8, 1993. 1996 - 2000 Audiovisual Design, Academy of Fine Arts. Fontys School of the Arts in Tilburg. Graduated in the courses Photography and Video June 22, 2000.