Artists B

Pi Backus Netherlands, Roermond. Pi Backus, born in 1949, Roermond, Netherlands - 1976 City College Maastricht - 1976 - 1980 Royal Academy art design s'Hertogenbosch - 1979 1981 Gallery initiator flax Heythuysen - 1986 1987 Initiator gallery today's roermond - 1988 2009 Initiator of the Art Initiative L5 roermond. 2000 Initiator Project Din A4 - 2000 2009 Project Coordinator Din A4.1995 1997 Commissioner of art of the Province of Limburg.From 2009 Member of the International Committee Project Din A4.
Muhamed Bajramovic Bosnia HerzegovinaZenice. Born in Zenica in 1946. He has finished School of Applied Art in Sarajevo. He graduated from Sarajevo Art Academy in 1977. He has been a member of Painters Associacion of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1974.
Kostana Banovic Netherlands (Bosnia Herzegovina) Utrecht. Born in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia 
Based in Utrecht, Netherlands since 1979. 2004 BIK, Professional Artist in the Class, post academic study, Netherlands. 1983-1988 The Academy of Visual Art and Design Utrecht, Netherlands. 1979-1982 English Language and Literature, University of Utrecht, Netherlands. 1988- now Visual artist and filmmaker. 2007- now Tutor Fine Art and Digital Media at the Faculty of Fine Art and Design Utrecht. 2007- now Curator ’t Hoogt 4, audiovisual projects, Film Theatre ’t Hoogt Utrecht. 2009- now Artistic Director artTrace Foundation
Manuel Barbadillo  Spain, Malaga. Manuel Barbadillo Nocea ( Sierra Constantina , Seville, 1929 - Málaga , 2003) was a Spanish painter. Artistically formed in Seville to study José Perea Harp , which enters in 1941 as an apprentice in the workshop of the sculptor Emilio García Ortiz , where he draws and works in clay modeling from 1944 to 1947, and the School of Arts and Crafts (1951-1953), first exposed in a class in the Ateneo de Sevilla in Seville, coinciding with the completion of his law studies (1953-1954). Wikipedia
Carlos Barceló Spain,  Malaga. Born in MalagaSpainDegree in Economics from the University of MálagaMember of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, in MálagaHe studied drawing and painting very young, but its formation is essentially self-taught. Personal web
Yossiel Barroso Almeida Cuba, Havana. Date and place of birth: August 10, 1982, Havana, Cuba. 2004 - Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts "San Alejandro" in the art of painting. He has worked on the set design for the play Santa Cecilia, the theater group The moon and the Closing Gala Pedagogy 2005 Congress. Currently teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro and works side by side in the Promotion Department of the school. Web
Kees Barten Netherlands, Berg en Terblijt. Kees Barten born in 1953 in Geleenstudied art and art history at the Academy of Fine Arts in TilburgSince 1985 he lives in his studio in Limburg near Maastricht. Personal web
André Gilles Bauthian France, Coudekerque Branche. Born at Chartres, France. Child Care 1946-1954 
1954 Adopted. Living in Algeria 1954 till 1966. First baccalaureat 1964, second baccalaureat Philo 1965. Certificate for Superior Artistic Formation 1968. Superior Diplome of Sculpture ans Ceramics 1970. Designer Architecture 1972-1974. Professor Sculptuure at Supperior School of Fine Arts, Dunkerque since 1974. Certied teacher of arts in college 1975-1984
Roger Bassetto Brasil São Paulo (1964). Lives and works in São Paulo, visual artist postgraduating in Contemporary Painting at aculdade Belas Artes, São Paulo. Graduate degree in communication at ESPM and extension in Fine Arts (FAAP)continuing education courses in graphic design and Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts, New York and St. Martins School ofArt - London. His works moves between drawing,collage and painting, also expending to installations, books and maps.
Lello Bavenni Italy, He lives and works in Vico Equense (NA) (Italy). Since 1958 participates in the national artistic life by taking part in numerous events and getting major awards. His work is associated with a certain kind of surrealism, "…if ever that surrealism may still exist today …."
Gisela Behrendt Germany, Neuss. Personal web

Lilian Berg Netherlands, Amsterdam. Born September 4, 1957, Utrecht, Netherlands. Gerrit Rietveld Academie, 1981/1984. 2009 window dressers training, Master D. decorador Escaparates, Malaga, Spain. 2000/2001 CMM, College of Multimedia, Amsterdam. 1996/1997 Practical Source Foundries Volkers, Geldermalsen. Rob Kley Utrecht. 1991/1993 CPDB, Cultural Pedagogical-Didactic Training, Visual artists Amsterdam. Personal web
Rüdiger Bergmann Germany , Wesseling. Rüdiger Bergmann was born in 1942 in Marie Werder love and lives and works in Wesseling on the Rhine. He received his artistic training in the years 1967-1973, with Professor Köster / Cologne, the Cologne Cathedral workshop - Finial for Cologne Cathedral - and Sculpture Symposium in Querceta / Carrara.Personal web
Hans van den Berkmortel Netherlands. At its 6th Hans van den Berkmortel had his first pony, since then his relationship with the horse has only grown stronger. As a rider, he participated in several show jumping, galloping on an Arabian stallion through the Sahara, playing polo matches in Zimbabwe, made ​​long treks through the jungle of Cuba, the mountains of Vietnam, took part in hunts, made ​​horse saddle and landed several times by actions of the horse in the hospital ... As a painter he knows through his strong lines, rhythmic compositions and bright color contrast to depict. the essence of the horse with great feeling and a great accuracy He understands the art of omission and power of simplicity. These galloping horses with great agility, grace and speed on his canvases and they seem also so to walk again ... from which they may, because only free the horse at its very best.
Will van Berlo Netherlands, Mariahout. Born: Gemert 1949, The Netherlands. B.A. of Arts, Art Academy, Belgium. Libertas Nescia: “… My paintings are showing a powerful preoccupation with the existential dilemma of the human being: freedom and the fear for freedom. With oilpaint, acrylic or mixed media, I am looking for the colourful free translation of the inner world of emotions and feelings of authenticity of live fear, hope and sometimes desparation.  The mood of my passions has to be noticeable in the paintings and accordigly I am willing to respect and accept the language of the painting that arises. Because I am going with open-minded on exploration, I am out of control until I feel the intensity of the leading thread of my life. Only after that I am taking control again and I am deciding that the painting has been finished….”.Personal web
Karoline Bernesga Germany, Düsseldorf. 1949  Born in Kiel. 1973-1979 Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. Personal web
Christiane Bethke Germany, Mönchengladbach. 1964 born in Mönchengladbach. 1986/94 Studies at the Hochschule Niederrhein in Krefeldobject and sculpture with Prof. Hans Joachim Albrecht, diploma 1994. June 98 study in New York. 1999 ArToll-art laboratoryBedburg-Hau, scholarship summer laboratory.Personal web
Josine Beugels Netherlands,Tilburg. 2002 – December 2006 Academy of Fine Arts, Tilburg. Specialization three-dimensional autonomous and audiovisual. 2005 - present Lecturer Museum, Stedelijk Museum 's Hertogenbosch. 2005 - present Lecturer at the Center for the Arts Roermond. Personal web

Dacio Bicudo Brasil São Paulo (Brazil) Actor/film director and Visual artist Graduated in art education from Faculdade São Paulo fine arts and complementary courses in the history of Brazilian cinema and film experimentation in ECA-USP in 1971 with Jean-ClaudeBernadet. Owner – Director of Bandeirafilms. 
Henk Biesterbos Netherlands, Uden. Since 1985 Henk Biesterbos adheres specialized in art , in which he draws , paints, photographs and spatial objects and monumental sculptures make. However, the emphasis is on spatial working for several years . Content of the work is always a search for the limits of movement and sound , the progress of evolution and the place of the developing human herein . As the African culture with the ' tam tam ' transferred messages , so I now bring the messages through images full of eloquence . The Warp that a lot of work occurs symbolizes unrelenting development both personally and in the workplace. The constant movement as the natural elements wind , the waves of water , resonating sound , and the tiny Moving material by expansion or contraction , or the mental data as a perpetual motion giving an impetus to contemplation of the money , and serve as incentive for further progress. Personal web
Andrew Birch Great Britain (Spain), Malaga. Andrew Birch, born in Burton-on-Trent, England, 1952
He started off studying Biology at university, but changed his mind and became a cartoonist. Birch is widely published in the UK, appearing in Private Eye, The Independent and The Guardian amongst others. At the age of forty he went to live in Spain, first in Barcelona then in Malaga, where he stayed. He worked for a local paper for several years, and has had various shows, cartoon workshops and been a judge for Spanish comic competitions. In the mean time and presently he publishes daily his cartoons in British papers and writes about Spain in the British press. Personal web
Marion le Blanc Netherlands, Delft. Graduated in 1987 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg. Ancient architecture, especially Italian Renaissance, Chinese Calligraphy, Harmonious compositions in musical notation, Silence in nature, Zen. Personal web
Alvaro Blancarte Mexico, Tecate. Alvaro Blancarte, was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico in 1934, currently lives in Tecate and Tijuana, BC He studied at the Arts Workshop at the University of Sinaloa. Studies done in 1971 Arts in Spain, England and France. Founder of the School of Arts and Crafts at the University of Sinaloa Maestro and the Arts Workshop of the House of Culture of Tepepan, State of Mexico, and also founder and current Master of Arts Workshop UABC in Tecate BC. Personal web
George Blom Belgium, Hasselt. George Blom, Belgium artist, living and working in Hasselt.

Susan de Boer Netherlands, Den Bosch. 2001 Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg, box drawing and painting. 1974 Act LO Drawing. Personal web
Barb Bondy USA (Canada)Opelika – Alabama.Born in Alberta,Canada. 2003 MFA, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL. 2000 Honours BFA, University of Windsor, Ontario. Personal web

Edel Bordón Cuba, Havana. Graduated in the Cuban Academy of Fine Arts “San Alejandro”. The works of Edel Bordón are aimed at the homo ludens, surpassing boundaries, but not in an aggressive way. They present a hybrid form that transcends thematic repetitions and explores form. His paintings, far from any blaring loudness to draw everyone’s attention, put forward a reflexive and discreet humor, an exercise of visual intelligence. His works reveal eroticism and seduction, as well as the existential frustrations of the artist. Personal web 
 Graciela Borthwick Argentina, Buenos Aires. Born in Santa Fe, Argentina, (1941) graduated from the Superior "John Mantovani" School of Visual Arts in Santa Fe and Bachelor of Arts from the National Institute of Art. He founded and directed the Institute of Art in Pilar, (DIPREGEP 6085) and has been Professor of the Departments of Art and Sculpture of the School of Fine Arts, Prilidiano Pueyrredón - IUNA and professorships art (Escuela Normal de Santa Fe and Rafaela).Personal web
Karin Bos Netherlands. Born: Rijswijk, 1966. Lives and works in Amsterdam. At first glance, the picture work of Karin Bos evokes a pleasant world. Bright colors and motifs that refer regularly to childhood contribute to this. However, slightly absurd discords and frictions then raise questions that remain unanswered. The extras in her work are often knights errant and stray heroines or otherwise out of context dislocated characters. They reflect "The Search", but the only evidence they put on the wrong track. Just as they think they have unraveled mysteries, solves the answer to a new question. So everything they embrace their journey only provides a semblance of certainty.Personal web
liliana Bos Argentina, Buenos Aires. She was born in Buenos Aires. Defined from a young age her artistic vocation entering twelve  in the Fernando Fader in school, from which she graduated. She attends the Bachelor IUNA, attended workshops teachers Carlos Cañas in painting, drawing and Raul Ponce Helios Gagliardi on engraving. She taught in primary schools and adults in the bloque Las Luces. She acted as a judge in provincial and private shows. Exhibitions since 1985. Personal web
Joke Braam Netherlands, IJmuiden. Joke Braam, 1953. The lJmuidense artist is originally from Nijmegen, attended the Academy of lndustrial Design in Eindhoven, has worked as a freelance textile designer and as a teacher of "textiles" at the Free Academy in Roermond and Venlo (1980-1988). Set up a studio for woven garments and dress, using waste textiles. Moved to New York and attended the University Diemen a Tehatex education signs.
Piet van Bragt Netherlands, Roermond. Piet van Bragt, live and studio in the Carthusian Lane 2, Roermond, Netherlands. Solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad. As exhibitions of Artists Initiative L5, Roermond, at Gallerie Free Field. In Giel Kirchen, along with Pi Backus and Walter Verwoert. Buggenum, a project with Jan Peeters at the Open Doors event. Participation in international exhibitions of the Project DIN A4, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, and Peru. His work one finds, among other things, the collection of Akzo Nobel Netherlands, UNESCO, Paris, European Union, Brussels and private collectives.Personal web
Eefje Van den Brande Belgium. Born in 1978, Louvain/Belgium, she grew up in Antwerp and Limburg. At the age of 12, she began an art-school education in Antwerp. Several years later she continued this study in Hasselt/Limburg, where she received a 'Master in Painting' degree. Now she is a teacher and gives her knowledge to other people. In 2008, together with a friend, she started a small group of several artists with the name 10/10 (10Days10Artists). Later in 2009, they changed the name into K.ARK followed by exhibitions in several locations in Belgium. With her boyfriend, she created in 2010 Inner-Art. A place for workshops en photography. Personal web
Aidan Bremner Portugal (Great Britain), Lagos. Aidan Bremner was born in Edinburgh/Scotland. Studied at Edinburgh College of Art 1963-68. Aidan lives and works from Lagos all year round. He was born and trained as artist and art teacher in Edinburgh (Scotland). He is mainly working outdoors, directly from nature, choosing characters and selecting scenes which record the essence of the Algarve and its people. The strongest influence comes from the subject itself, it determines the mood and style of the picture, which can appear as a mixture of cartoon images and three dimensional studies, sometimes overlapping to give a surrealistic effect. He blends historical characters with everyday people and consciously distorts the perspectives. He also works in three dimensions, creating sculptures in metal and wood.videos
Joyce Brienza USA, Forest Oak Park, MI. Born in Plainfield, New Jersey, USA. Currently part time faculty at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, College for Creative Studies, Detroit; Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn. Master of Fine Arts, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1993. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 1991
Ragna Bruno USA, Hannock, Maine. Ragna Bruno Torkanowsky: “I was born in Madrid, Spain, into an artistic home.  My mother was Swedish - an amateur sculptor.  My father, who was German, started out as a poet and later on became a businessman.  Our house was filled with the paintings and photographs of my grandfather, Otto Bruno.  We had a great library with books in different languages, and access to classical music.  An uncle, Gunther Busch, was the Director of the Museum in Bremen. My sister Cristina Bruno is a pianist, and my son, Blas Bruno, is an architect in Blue Hill, Maine.  Friends of the house were mostly artists.”. My studies in Art History and French took me to Switzerland, other studies took me to London, and since then I have traveled in Europe, India, Mexico and South America. In 1975 I came to the United States to marry Werner Torkanowsky, an orchestra conductor of international renown.  Here we led, together, a life dedicated to each other and our Art until 1992, the year of his untimely death.  Maine has continued to be my residence, with frequent visits to Spain. Personal web
Liviu Bulea Romania,Turda. Born: 13-01-1989. “My last works are mostly about my experience with cancer, what I have seen, heard and understood in the time I was struggling with this problem. In my works I “speak” about how it was going trough this experience and in the same time how it was for the people I`ve had contact with in that period.I try to portray and speak about now days statistics, effects of what is happening in the environment.
Alan Charles Burden Great Britain (Spain), Mijas. Born in England in 1938, Alan Burden has lived in Mijas, Malaga since 1983. He studied Art and Design in Painting and Lithography. He then studied Art Education at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, receiving a Diploma in Art Education. From 1967 to 1983 he taught Art in the English Education System. Throughout this time he constantly exhibited as an artist. Since his move to Spain in 1983 he has been a fulltime professional painter. Personal web
Iris Burghout Netherlands. Iris Burghout, born January 6, 1976.  Education 2001 University of the Arts, painting Autonomous present 1998-1999 1985-1988 Anthropology University of Nijmegen University 's-Hertogenbosch Academy of Arts and Design Autonomous painting, drawing, graphics, monumental.  Personal web
Mario Burgos Corzo Peru,Lima. Born in Lima, Peru, June 25, 1977. He graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in 2002 with the gold medal in the specialty of Grabado.Antes entering school studied Advertising Design in the Peruvian Institute of Advertising and alongside its formation as an artist took courses in "Project Development of Contemporary Art" at the Cultural Center PUCP, "Art Criticism" San Marcos Cultural Center and digital design on iPad.
Peter Busch Germany,Tiefenbach. Born 21 06 1952. 10 years training & employment as a bookseller1982-1984 Study of Mathematics & the Sozialpädagogik. Diplom in social pedagogy10 years of professional activity in teaching, counseling & therapy. Peter Busch writespaints and lives for nearly 20 years in Neuss am Rhein. Personal web
Guido van Buuren Netherlands, Roermond1983 Gallery VeldstraatRoermond1985 Gallery VeldstraatRoermond1987 ApolloWeert1990 St. MartinWeert1993 Cover GalleryRoermond2003 Housing FoundationRoermond (eg "Time Landscape")
Hanneke Buurman Netherlands, Rotterdam. Born July 31, 1974. 1997 - 2001 St. Joost Academy, Hogeschool West Brabant Breda. Specialization autonomous kunst.1993 - 1996 Creative Therapy, University of NSW to Nijmegen.1992 - 1993 1st Degree teacher draw, University Gelderland Arnhem.1986 - 1992 HAVO Rommert Casimir Eindhoven. "I am inspired by humanity and nature. 1k'm interested in the meaning of being human. Human exceptions, everyday life, as well as customs and traditions fascinate me. In here I looking for peace and security (harmony and beauty), I make my work visible and tangible. "